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Please click here for the IISC Community Update (January, 2019)

Downtown Calgary Mosque


With Allah’s blessing and your achievement, Alhamdulillah on December 1, 2017, we have completed Phase-I: the full payment of $2.55M, allowing Land Title registration with ownership of the Downtown Mosque. With great excitement and humility, we congratulate you on being a part of this milestone for the Calgary community.


The IISC Board and Imams sincerely thank you for your investment, taqabal-Allah. This Masjid will be of benefit to all of us now, for generations to come, as well as in the hereafter. May Allah’s mercy and blessings continue to be with us all and may He guide us to all that is beloved to Him. Ameen. 



As always, special appreciation goes to all the volunteers who worked tirelessly in the background and on the ground. Allah has chosen them to be the catalyst of the good in our community.

Community Services

Welcoming space, standalone building, opportunities for future growth allowing accommodating congregational prayers, family gatherings, etc. programs Community outreach, educational classes, workshops, mentoring, Quran classes, family counselling, youth development, marriage contracts and much more!


Future Growth

On availability (TBD), in future main-floor space will become part of the mosque.


Update: On July 20, 2018, we have Alhamdulillah also taken back the main-floor,

and now started the process of planning the renovations and remodelling the masjid. 



Once becomes available, the main-floor space will become part of the mosque.

- Available space: 4,726 sq./feet (upper floor)

- 4,423 sq./feet (2 retail spaces on the main floor) 

- Steps away from the LRT (8th Street) and easy access from 6 & 9 Avenues

- New Windows, and recent building upgrades

- Close proximity to Plus-15 walkway system in Downtown


Questions & Answers


Why we need a mosque in Calgary Downtown area?

For the past decade, the Muslim population in Calgary has been exponentially increasing. This mosque will serve as a much-needed replacement for the now-closed prayer space at 8th and 8th. With this new building, not only will we fulfil the need for a mosque in the downtown area but we will also serve the Muslim community of the entire city for many generations to come, in-shaa-Allah.


What is the location of the new Downtown Mosque?  

The new mosque will be a stand-alone two-story building located at 1009 7th Ave SW Calgary. Please click here to open PDF files for more details:

1. Key-site plan

2. Floor plan for the upper floor

3. IISC Downtown Mosque - pictures library 


What will be the immediate use of the space and building?

The second floor of this building is readily available for the five daily prayers. However, to accommodate Friday prayers, the building interior will have to be remodelled to accommodate the congregations.


What about permits from the City of Calgary?

The City of Calgary’s Change of Use application for the mosque has already been approved.


How will the Downtown Mosque become financially self-sustaining?  

The mosque has the potential to become financially self-sufficient. Currently, there are two retail shops on the ground floor of the building that are generating monthly income. Upon full ownership of the building, the terms of the lease will be renegotiated to accommodate the community needs first and then we can assess the feasibility of renting out some of our space. Additionally, the building’s four out of five parking stalls will be leased out to supplement the income.  


What about the Friday prayers at the new Downtown Mosque?

The available space on the second floor will not be able to accommodate Friday prayers or large congregational gatherings until the second floor is renovated, including building the structure. Taking the side of precaution, these renovations will cost $150,000 to $200,000 which is not included in our initial purchase fundraising targets and the strategy at this time.


How can I financially support the Downtown Mosque purchase?  

In order to see the fruition of this noble project, we require support from everyone in our communities. For completing the purchase, we are accepting donations regardless of the amount, small or large, one-time or regular instalments. 


Please donate to the Islamic Information Society of Calgary (IISC) using any of these methods:


(1)    By using a credit card/PayPal online (one time or monthly) or using the link PayPal.Me/iisc 

(2)    By writing a personal cheque(s)  

(3)    By sending a bank draft or money order

(4)    By pre-authorizing withdrawals (one time or monthly)

(5)    By wire transfer (contact us for the wire-transfer details)  

(6)    By Interact e-transfer (Canadian banks) to Please provide authentication details by phone.



I donated for the previous mosque projects. What happened to those funds?


100% of your donations from the previous mosque projects are reallocated towards the Downtown Calgary Mosque purchase. Also, we assure you that all current donations are solely used securing the ownership of the Downtown Calgary Mosque. If and when we reach surplus donations, IISC will only use those donations for the structure reinforcement (2nd floor), renovations and the future enhancements in the Downtown Mosque.


Can I claim IISC donations on my tax return?

Yes, you will be able to claim your donations on your tax returns, as the IISC is a CRA-registered charitable and non-profit organization. The IISC will mail your taxable donation receipts at the end of the calendar year. However, to enable us to do so, please update us with your current contact details by email, phone, or postal mail.  


Parking in Downtown?

The new Mosque is mainly serving the downtown community and easily accessible by Calgary Transit. The street parking is free over the weekend and evenings. Please click here for location details Google Maps or visit Calgary Parking.


Do you have any further questions or inquiries?

Please contact us by email to

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