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Sheikh Hatem Shebani

Program Manager, Quran Academy

Founded in 2011, Quran Academy is a Quran school that aims to build and sustain a generation that establishes a relationship with the Quran. We offer professional services to teach children, ages 6-15 for boys and 6-10 for girls, Quran, focusing specifically on memorization, proper recitation and understanding of tajweed rules.


Quran Academy is structured to have student-hours each week for each individual child.

Quran Academy currently has over 400 students enrolled. Sheikh Hatem Shebani has memorized Quran (hafiz):

  • Represnted Libya in the 2001 Quran Competition

  • Ranked 6th in Annual Libyan Quran Competition in 2000

  • BSc in Computer Science, University of Calgary

  • Many of students have become Hufaz through IISC Quran Academy program and now lead daily prayers, including Taraweeh prayers across the city

Our methodology of teaching consists of the following:

  • Establish a profile for every child to determine their strengths and weaknesses and main areas of focus

  • Give individual attention, during class time, to every child that registers at Quran Academy

  • Provide a schedule for every child to work on at home for reviewing their homework

  • Send a monthly report to parents detailing the progress of their child and areas of improvement

  • Our Values At Quran Academy, we recognize the responsibility placed on our shoulders when we have our children placed under our supervision during class times; therefore, all instructors who are hired by Quran Academy must go through the First Aid CPR/AED training and be certified first aiders before they can teach.

For any quesions, please contact

Sheikh Hatem Shebani
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