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Earthquake in Nepal

"Over 7000 people have died, and tens of thousands have been displaced by the earth quakes in Nepal. On May 1st, the IISC partnered up with Human Concern International and donated $6500, from its Friday collections, which will be matched by the government of Canada in helping the people of Nepal in their time of need. We ask Allah to grant them peace and safety, and to make things easy for them after their time of difficulty. Ameen. "

On Saturday May 9th, 2015, the IISC recruited over 20 volunteers to come and donate blood at Canada Blood Services. The blood that is collected is used for research and saving lives. With each donation saving up to 4 lives, insha Allah.

Allah says: "And whoever saves one life it is as if he had saved mankind" (5:32)

We pray that Allah accepts from all of those that donated. Ameen.

If you would like to be notified the next time there is a blood drive, or be enrolled on the IISC volunteer list please send an email to

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