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A Decade of Ramadan Iftaars

For the past decade the IISC has been dedicated in serving iftar each and every Ramadan. For most of these years Iftar was served daily at both locations, and in the past few years it remained daily at the 8th and 8th location, and on the weekends and last ten nights at the Edmonton Trail location. These meals are only possible, after the help of Allah, with the generous sponsorship of our community members who donate specifically for this cause each year. Alhamdulilah, this past Ramadan the IISC was able to serve over 10,000 meals! There was an outpouring of support from the community with a record number of sponsorships and a record number of attendees, Al hamdulillah!

Just as these meals would not be possible without the generous sponsors there is a second group who make sure each meal is served; our dedicated volunteers. These volunteers are the ones who procure the supplies, obtain the food, stand up to serve the congregation before eating themselves, and clean up in time for Isha and taraweeh. These volunteers are an invaluable asset to our community and we ask that Allah, the most high, accepts their actions and make it heavy on their scale of good deeds. Aameen.

The IISC would like to extend a huge Jazaakum Allah khairan to our sponsors, our volunteers, and our community members who came together this Ramadan. We look forward to hosting our community in the many years to come with the help of Allah. May Allah accept from us all our fasting, praying, charity, and all of our good deeds. Aameen!

If you would like to sponsor an iftar, or would like to give another form of donation please send an email to

If you would like to get involved in volunteering please send an email to

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