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Debating Radicalization

On March 22nd the Intercultural Dialogue Institute invited Sh. Navaid Aziz, Cam Stewart, and Dr. Michael Zekulin to present on radicalization. The event was held at Calgary Police Headquarters at Westwinds from 6pm to 8:30pm. Cam Stewart spoken about the role of human rights and how marginalization can lead to someone becoming susceptible to radicalization.

Dr. Michael Zekulin spoke about models of radicalization and their shortcomings, and some possible solutions to the issue.

Sh. Navaid addressed the importance of looking at foreign policy as a catalyst, the true meaning of Jihad (as oppose to what is seen on mainstream media and how they equate it with terrorism), and the importance of a holistic approach to the solution.

Sh. Navaid was later interviewed by the Intercept which can be read here:

If you would like to contact Sh. Navaid he can be reached at

Click here to download PDF version of the publication.


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