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Invitation to One Ummah Conference

As salam 'alaikum wa rahamatullahi wa barakaatuhu, My dear brothers and sisters my name is Navaid Aziz and I am a director at the Islamic Information Society of Calgary. With our next major event coming up on May 21st, insha Allah, I want to share with you what makes the One Ummah conference so special and dear to my heart.

  1. Every One Ummah Conference I have attended (this is my 4th one now) we've always had more than 1300 people come out, and that is something amazing to be a part of. To have my kids see how large the Muslim community is, and to be able to interact with people I don't usually see, it really manifests the true meaning of Community.

  2. A variety of speakers and points of view. With the community being so diverse it is always great to see a variety of speakers that are some of the leading presenters in their expertise to come and share advice and their point of view. Particularly, this year when talking about contemporary issues such as the role of Women, the role of Social Media, Halal Entertainment, Doubts in Religion, it is extremely important to hear them from experts.

  3. Getting to see and hear all of the things happening in the community. We are going to be having multiple tables and booths of different segments of the community, as well as vendors, who are going to be sharing their contributions to the Muslim community. The IISC also has a HUGE announcement to make as well. You don't want to miss out!

I hope to see you at the One Ummah Conference on May 21st, at the Telus Convention Center. To avoid any disappointment, please buy your tickets now at

With the best of duas Was salam 'alaikum wa rahamatullah

-Navaid Aziz



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