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City of Calgary’s 49th Annual Pathway and River Cleanup!

On May 1 st 2016 the IISC participated in The City of Calgary’s 49th annual Pathway and River Cleanup! This was the second year that the IISC has participated in this event. This year’s event was particularly special since we were able to clean up the Bridgeland route from Edmonton Trail till the LRT stop. The IISC has been a member of the Bridgeland community for 15 years, while making a difference in any part of the city is rewarding it is even more so in your local neighborhood. We had two dozen volunteers turn up for the cleanup this year, including members from the QNasr impact team as well as the full attendance of the IISC’s Girls Group. We spent a beautiful morning cleaning the river pathway with many volunteers wanting to continue on after w completed our designated area. Afterwards the volunteers enjoyed a pizza lunch back at the IISC, coordinated by the IISC Girls Group. Inshaa Allah we look forward to organizing and participating in next years’ cleanup. If you are interested in signing up to be a volunteer with the IISC please email

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