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One Ummah: The Contemporary Muslim

On May 21, 2016, the IISC hosted One Ummah's 6th annual conference, at the Telus Convention Center, in Calgary, AB.

This year’s theme, the Contemporary Muslim, was specifically selected to inspire the average muslim living a day to day life as a devout muslim, striving to live righteously by following the rulings within Quran and Sunnah in 2016.

This theme was something that the One Ummah committee was interested in addressing to boost confidence and reassurance in our muslim brothers and sisters. We decided that giving the platform to select speakers to address everyday contemporary issues was something of importance and value. Islam has stemmed from 1400 years ago until now with the same rulings as the time of Prophet pbuh, we, nowadays in a contemporary world, are facing different obstacles and are still required to deal with them within the same rulings and expectations.

Sh. Abdulbary gave some practical tips on halal entertainment, dr. Alaa Murabit reminded us what islam really says about women, Sh. Ahsan Hanif reassured those who were doubting their religion and reminded them creator and purpose, Sh. Yasir Fazaga discussed practical ways to combat unlawful addictions and Sh. Musleh Khan delivered a relevant lecture on gender relations and interactions.

We hope that the 6th annual One Ummah conference, the Contemporary NMuslim, was a recipe for success for our muslim brothers and sisters, living in the 21st century.

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