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Habitat for Humanity

On August 27th and October 15th, the IISC volunteers came together to help a family finish building their home through Habitat for Humanity. Through this self rewarding process they were also able to learn new skills such as: Painting, dry walling, building a fence, and how to install a washing macine. Some of the volunteers further helped out at the restore, which is where they sell household materials and building supplies as a way to fund raise for their homes.

Habitat for Humanity enables families with children who don't meet the criteria of conventional mortgage an opportunity to own a home, provide stability, and independence for their families. The houses are build through community support and lots of volunteer hours so they are able to sell the home with no-down payment and a no interest mortgage.

Families need to complete 300 hours on their own and 200 hours through friends and community. We were able to contribute 115 hours towards a home for a family, al hamdulillah. To find out more about Habitat’s mission and help more families build a stable future, please visit .

If you want to get involved with our various volunteering activities, please contact


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