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Muslim Sensitivity Training

On November 29th the IISC hosted members of the Calgary Police Service as well as the Fire Brigade for Muslim Sensitivity Training. The training session conducted by Sh. Navaid Aziz consisted of 4 sections:

1- What do Muslims believe and practice. 2- Facts about Muslims globally, nationally, and provincially.

3- Misconceptions about Islam

4- How to harbor a healthy relationship with the Muslim community.

On November 30th, Sh. Navaid delivered the same presentation to counselors and psychologists at the Calgary Distress Center.

Both presentations were well received and were a gateway to great dialogue and discussion in the question and answer session.

If you would like to invite Sh. Navaid to present to your organization or if you would like a copy of the presentation please send an email to

May Allah accept from us all. Ameen.


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