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Black Diamond-The Muslim Experience in Canada

On April 9th, 2017, Sh. Navaid Aziz was invited to Oilfields High school in Black Diamond, Alberta, as the keynote speaker for their series on Human Libraries. His topic of discussion was: "The Muslim Experience in Canada." All together there were about 350 students and faculty members from 3 different schools.

Nadine Russel the organizer of the event wrote: "Navaid, I have so many comments to share that I'm going to send them all in the next few days. You took our school by storm and our staff fell in love with you. I want to thank you again for sharing with us. Every week we have had amazing keynotes but you brought us to another great level of sharing and understanding. My husband and I fully plan to take you up on your offer and plan to find a time to come and visit. Warm regards"

We look forward to hosting these schools at the IISC in the near future, insha Allah! If you would like to invite Sh. Navaid to present please send an email to


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