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Downtown Calgary Mosque - Facts & Figures: We built together!

Unity is strength! When the whole community rallies for a great initiative, wonderful things can be achieved. IISC is continuing to accept donations for the Downtown Mosque to reach the final amount of $2.55 million for the full purchase price. IISC is continuing to accept donations for the Downtown Mosque.

We wanted to share some facts and figures with our community members regarding this project:

• 99% of the donations were collected locally* • 1% of the donations were received from the United States, UAE, Saudi, and Cape Verde* • Ramadan 2017 was the most generous month of the year • $196 is the average donation amount. Every penny counts! Every penny counts • 76% of all donors are first time donors. We are building it together • 100% of donations collected for previous mosque projects are reallocated towards the Downtown Calgary Mosque purchase • $41,478 received from the sale of jewellery donated. Thank You, Sisters! if you have any questions or concerns then please Email us at

Please continue building it together! Kindly assist in sharing this message with your family and friends:

Jazakum'Allah khairan wa baraka'Allahu feekum!


*The statistics are based on on-line donations from January 1 to October 20, 2017

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