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Educating About Islam One Organization at a Time

It has been a busy month at the IISC in terms of educating the great community. On May 2nd the IISC hosted the Calgary Police service for Level 2 Sensitivity and Diversity training. This training consisted of: 1- What Muslims Believe and Practice. 2- Interesting Facts about Global and Local Muslim Community. 3- Misconceptions about Islam and the Muslim Community. 4- How to Harbor and Foster Better Relationships with the Muslim Community. The presentation was well received with plenty of fruitful discussion following it. Our guests always enjoy the ethnic breakfast provided to them free of charge. On May 9th, Sh. Navaid was at Woodshomes presenting to counselors and practitioners from Child and Health Services. With about 25 in attendance the discussion revolved around building rapport with Muslim community members, differentiating between culture and religion, and resources available for the non-Muslim community. On May 14th Sh. Navaid presented at the BMC 362 Course: Building Religious and Cultural Inclusion in the Workplace at the University of Calgary Downtown location. Topics included in the presentation were: A brief history of Islam, major celebrations and observances, dress requirements, dietary requirements, medical and health requirements, death and burial practices, myths and misconceptions about the community, sacred spaces, and devotional practices.

If you would like a presentation on Islam or related subjects please send an email to

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