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A Busy October

October was a busy month at the IISC with multiple presentations.

The IISC hosted Lomond Community School on October 10th, and the Calgary Police Service on Oct 17th. These presentations were an introduction to Islam and the Muslim community. The presentations were followed up by great discussions on misconceptions, fears, and how to better foster with our Muslim neighbours.

With October being the month of cannabis legalization in Canada the IISC hosted two events in hopes of raising awareness. The first event on October 5th at the IISC, and on October 15th at the Akram Jumah High School. These presentations revolved around the Islamic ruling on marijuana, reasons why people turn to it, medical consequences, and how to deal with the social pressure that comes with it. The first presentation can be viewed over here:

The role of women in the Muslim community is an on going discussion. On October 12th, the IISC hosted their inaugural halaqa of the downtown location on this very topic. With presenters Hajar Masri, Rulla Abbas, Souad Farag, many crucial topics were discussed. From negative experiences, to future visions, to what men can do to help women, to creating greater inclusion in our communities. The recording for this session can be viewed here:

On October 29th at Mount Royal University Sh. Navaid represented the IISC on a panel discussion on mental health. The discussion revolved around the role that faith plays in promoting good mental health, best practices found with in Islam, and how to counter the stigma around it.

If you would like the IISC to host your organization for a presentation, or if you have any suggestions as to what social issues you would like to see discussed, please send an email to

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