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Basic Friday Prayer Guidelines & Khutbahs

For the Friday prayer, the Imam must be in a state of purity and should sit in front of the group, facing them. The Athan should be given. The Imam should then stand and deliver the first khutbah. After the first khutbah, the Imam should sit briefly (about 15 seconds), and then rise to deliver the second khutbah. Both khutbahs could be either entirely in Arabic or could be a combination of Arabic and another language. The opening and closing should ideally be in Arabic for both khutbahs. The attached khutbahs are just basic samples and more can be added to them. The verses and prophetic traditions in green can be replaced with other verses or prophetic traditions, and more du'aas (supplications) can be added at the end of the second khutbah if desired. After the second khutbah is complete, the Iqamah should be given and the Imam should lead two rak’ahs (units) of Fardh prayer, with the recitation of Surat al-Fatinah and another surah in both rak’ahs done out loud, with the rest of the prayer completed like other prayers. The completion of the prayer concludes the Friday prayer.

Click here or the thmbnail image below to download quick guide book (PDF file - 5 pages)

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