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Downtown Mosque Progress Update - Drywalls, Kitchen cabinets, Washroom waterproofing prep, flooring,

Assalamu alaikum dear brothers and sisters:

We pray that you had a wonderful Eid and in the best state of health and iman. May Allah SWT accept our fasting, prayers, supplications, charity, and all other righteous deeds. Ameen!

We continue working on the construction and renovation of the Downtown Mosque Project, including the following items:

  • Floor tiles selection and other materials, with expecting deliveries as early as the coming week, insha’Allah

  • Partial completion of drywalls on both floors

  • Kitchen cabinets order has been placed (and countertops are work in progress)

  • Selection of 4x4 ceiling tiles, matching with the light fixtures

  • Completed washrooms, and wudu area waterproofing preparations

You can visit us online; however, please do not hesitate to email us if you have any questions or concerns.

We thank you again for your continued support and prayers. Jazakum Allahu Khayran!

Islamic Information Society of Calgary (IISC)

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