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Calgary Mobile Planetarium at IISC - Kaluoka'hina the Enchanted Reef & MOLES - What is out there

You are invited to attend the extraordinary 360-degree educational experience!

The movie "Kaluoka'hina the Enchanted Reef" talks about the size of our planet's oceans that hides countless mysteries. Kaluokahina, the enchanted reef whose enchantment prevents mankind from discovering it, is one of its most valuable possessions. As a result, peace has always prevailed among Kaluokahina's colorful inhabitants—until the volcano explodes and the magic is destroyed. It's now up to the young sawfish Jake and his paranoid friend Shorty to bring Kaluokahina's enchantment back.

Kids and their families will enjoy the following:

- Show duration,

- Show discussion with Q&A

- Show scientific facts in Quran

- Science demonstrations by our educator

- Make & take experiment

- Stickers and more

Watch the trailer:

Kaluoka'hina the Enchanted Reef

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Movie Night- MOLES - What is out there

The story revolves around Plato, who lives with his parent’s deep underground, in a dark burrow full of mystery and surprises. Plato is incredibly curious in what is happening in the world above. He'll eventually get to see everything one day! The sun, moon, and stars are all discovered by Plato! Alfa, Beta, and Gamma are Plato's closest associates. They enjoy singing as much as treasure hunting.

Watch the trailer:

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