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Community Update - Fairview Southeast Mosque: Renovations Status (Sunday - June 4, 2023)

Sunday - June 4, 2023

Community Update - Fairview Southeast Mosque: Renovations Status

As-salamu alaikum community members,

Since we completed the Fairview Southeast Mosque purchase about a week ago, we want to share additional updates regarding the renovations underway. As we mentioned in our earlier community update, our goal has been to create a welcoming and comfortable space for prayer and community gatherings.

Prayer Room Lighting & A/V:

We are upgrading the mosque's main prayer hall fixtures with the latest high-efficiency lighting, audio PA, and video systems. These new light fixtures will improve overall lighting, including dimmer switches, allowing customizable lighting settings for taraweeh and qiam during Ramadan and for regular halaqas. The A/V upgrades will serve both floors for all prayers, especially jumaa.


All old carpets, stage, partition walls, etc., have been cleared to create open and fresh space for worship.

Basement areas:

We also took the initiative of repainting the space for a brighter look. The fresh wall paint will help create a more inspiring atmosphere for various community activities. We are also changing the carpet. Please note that we are not upgrading any washroom space in this initial phase of renovations and expect everyone to come prepared with wudu before attending prayers.

Exterior facelift:

To revitalize and protect the exterior of the building, we are applying modern gray paint. This facelift will give the mosque a new and fresh look.

In the upcoming weeks, we will finish painting the walls and ceiling in the main prayer room once the lights are installed. After that, the new carpet will be installed. The stairs of the main entrance will be covered. These measures will further improve the appeal for the congregation.

We are committed to providing ongoing updates on the renovation process for this important community project. We are grateful for your patience and continued support throughout this renovation project. Together, we are building a mosque that symbolizes unity in our communities.

We would like to thank our dedicated volunteers who have offered their time, energy, skills, and know-how, and those who donated provided supplies and offered your time to help with the renovations.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan.

Islamic Information Society of Calgary

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