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IISC Hosts Brenda Strafford – Heart Home Network (2nd stage shelter)

On March 7th, 2023 the IISC was delighted to host members from the Brenda Strafford Foundation in Calgary. The inspiring Brenda Strafford Foundation mission is to create a safe environment for women and children impacted by domestic violence. Sh. Navaid delivered a presentation that focused on what the perceptions about Muslims are, common misconceptions and an overview of Islamic believes and practices. This event was an engaging two-hour session where guests enjoyed participating, learning and communicating their inquiries about Islam.

Reach out to if you are interested to have a enlightening session presented at a school or organization.

Feedback from the Session:

“I thought the visit to the Mosque visit was great. I appreciated the emphasis on religious perspectives/influences versus culturally specific perspectives/influences. Having a better understanding of that has already impacted my work and has given insight into a brand-new Muslim family moving into our building. This individual identified that she cannot divorce her husband because she is Muslim, and it is wrong in her religion. This is a limiting factor for her and could be very complicated moving forward. But now I understand that this is a cultural belief and not strictly a religious one. Knowing that and having a contact we can refer her to for a deeper spiritual conversation about it is invaluable. Thank you so much for hosting us!”
Nicole Heslin

“I enjoyed every aspect of the presentation and learned so much about Islam and Muslim culture and practices. The space was very welcoming and the energy in the room was very positive. Navaid Aziz is a wonderful presenter and made everyone feel so comfortable to comment or ask questions. He used a lot of humor and shared personal stories about his experiences. All agencies working with Muslin families should attend this presentation as there are so many misconceptions. Navaid covered all of those misconceptions and I know that our team really appreciated the honesty. Thanks so much for making time for us!”
Rita Spark- Manager, Counselling Services

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