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عيد مبارك

Eid is Sunday June 16th!

Eid Prayer Locations

IISC NE Dar Al Hijrah

First Prayer: 8:00 am

Second Prayer: 9:15 am

Max Bell Centre

First Prayer: 8:45 am

Second Prayer:10:00 am

Important Information

Parking is limited at both locations,  Please carpool with your family, friends, and neighbours.


Prayers will start on time, inshallah, to accommodate the second prayer and allow our volunteers to enjoy the Eid celebrations with their families. Please plan your commute time accordingly to avoid delays.

Please respect parking regulations. Organizers and volunteers are not responsible for your vehicle or any parking enforcement.

NO FOOD OR DRINK are allowed inside the venues. Please DO NOT BRING OR SHARE candy, sweets, lollipops, or other treats.

Please bring your own prayer mats to the Max Bell Centre. There are minimal numbers of washrooms; please try your best to have wudu before arriving.

   There will be NO Eid prayers at Fairview Southeast Mosque or the Calgary Downtown Masjid.

Recommended acts for the day of Eid

  • It is encouraged to glorify the rite of Eid and the three days following.

  • If one can slaughter, they should do so on these days and share the meat with family, friends, and the poor.

  • Taking a bath (Ghusl).

  • Wearing one’s best clothes, and for the men perfuming themselves.

  • Joining Eid prayer with the congregation for women, even if they are not praying.

  • Eid prayer is followed by a khutbah. You are encouraged to listen, but it is not obligatory and concludes with a dua.

  • Greet and congratulate one another with greetings. "Eid Mubarak" (May your Eid be blessed) and "Taqballa Allahu minna wa minkum" (May Allah accept from you and us) are acceptable.

  • It is preferable to take a different path home than the one you took to come to the prayer.

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