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Sheikh Navaid Aziz


Navaid Aziz is a Canadian Muslim public figure with a diverse academic and social background. He is currently focused on the education and integration of Muslim youth. He was raised in Montreal, Quebec where he completed a diplome d’etudes collegiales (D.E.C.) in  Social Sciences from Champlain College before heading to the Islamic University of Madinah where he completed an Associates Degree in Arabic Language and Literature and Bachelors in Islamic Law. And in 2019 he completed a diploma in Public Relations and Communications from Mount Royal University.


Upon returning home to Canada, Navaid began teaching for Al-Maghrib Institute. He has since transitioned to their Director of Public Relations. During this period, he volunteered as the Islamic Editor for Little Explorers Magazine and began his work as a youth and family counsellor. It was also during this time that he established himself as a sought-after public speaker. He has lectured across five continents and 34 countries thus far.  


 In 2012 Navaid moved to Calgary, Alberta to become the Director of Religious and Social Services of the Islamic Information Society of Calgary, a position he currently holds. He also began volunteering as a chaplain at S.A.I.T. from 2012 to 2015. In Calgary, his youth counselling work extended further to include helping in the mitigation of criminal radicalization. This included the implementation of civic engagement opportunities for Muslim youth. Among the programs started were youth mentoring groups, volunteer programs at the local shelters, community cleanups, and tree planting days. In 2015 Navaid became the first-ever Muslim chaplain with the Calgary Police Services. Through his involvement with CPS, he consulted in the development of their world-renowned redirect program. In 2019 Navaid became a chaplain with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Navaid’s free time is spent exploring local eateries, travelling, and hiking the Canadian Rockies. He also enjoys playing basketball and hosting game nights—with Monopoly and Cranium being his favourites. 

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