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Founded in 2011, Quran Academy is a Quran school that aims to build and sustain a generation that establishes a relationship with the Quran. We offer professional services to teach children, ages 6-15 for boys and 6-10 for girls, Quran, focusing specifically on memorization, proper recitation and understanding of tajweed rules.


Quran Academy is structured to have student-hours each week for each individual child. Our methodology of teaching consists of the following:

  • Establish a profile for every child to determine their strengths and weaknesses and main areas of focus

  • Give individual attention, during class time, to every child that registers at Quran Academy

  • Provide a schedule for every child to work on at home for reviewing their homework

  • Send a monthly report to parents detailing the progress of their child and areas of improvement

  • Our Values At Quran Academy, we recognize the responsibility placed on our shoulders when we have our children placed under our supervision during class times; therefore, all instructors who are hired by Quran Academy must go through the First Aid CPR/AED training and be certified first aiders before they can teach.

Self-discipline is another value we uphold which, essentially, every Muslim should have when it comes to learning the Quran. Subjects of self-discipline are:

  • Arriving to class and getting picked up from class at the time specified by the Administrator

  • Respecting the teacher and paying close attention during class

  • Respecting other students around and not harming them in any way, shape or form

  • Completing the homework specified by the Instructor We welcome you to register with Quran Academy

IISC Quran Academy Registration Form


How to register:

  • Fill in the application form below, ONE form per child.

  • Check the courses list page and pick the class that fits your schedule. 

  • Fill in the waiver form – one form per child.

  • Make a payment to confirm your registration. Fees are for one child and cover one semester (September to January) or (February to June).

The classes will be held at these Locations:

  • Dar Al-Hijrah, 4128 6 St NE

  • Downtown Masjid, 1009 7th Ave SW

  • Fairview SE Masjid, 230 78th Ave SE


Email Sh Hatem at or call 587-703-7011.

Note: Registration will be confirmed only when the completed application is received, accompanied by the full semester payment. 

Quran Academy - Quran Memorization Program

For more details and online registration, please email

Click here to complete the online registration application

Your registration submission will be placed on the waiting list. Quran Academy will contact you within two business days to confirm class availability.

Quran Academy, Fall Semester registrations are open now!

FALL 2023 Quran Program

Begins: Monday, September 25, 2023 
Ends: Sunday, January 28, 2024

  • No Classes on statutory holidays, October 9th, November 11th

  • Winter break: Monday, December 25th to Monday, January 1st

  • No Classes last Sunday of every month 

  • Evening and Weekend classes are available

Please click here or on the poster for the online registration. For inquiries, please email or call 587-703-7011

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